uComms portal

Our portal is more than just a billing system, it comes with a selection of unique and tailored dashboards, with CDR updates from the network every hour the data and MI available is what sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on understanding your key business drivers and we have developed extensive user-specific dashboards that allow you to easily review your costs.

My Account

You have full access to an online customer UI portal accessible via mobile, PC or tablet. uComms will set up alerting on mobile connections to help you manage your usage. The alerting for mobile connections is accessible through the portal allowing users to set and manage various alerts. This can be done by directly by you or by us. We can pre-set data allowance per device and notify when 80% and 100% of allocated data is used. This is only an alert and does NOT add a bar once the allowance is exceeded. We can also set bar limits on spend outside bundle. Alerts can be sent to 3 pre-registered email addresses or numbers of your choice.

EE Corporate (100 employees +)

This is the place to be if you want to know what your overall service usage was, what you were charged for it and how that usage was distributed across your service portfolio. Mobile manager allows you to add and remove bars and caps as well as set cost centres. If you want to know more about how your money was spent? Go to the Reports section. You’ll find prebuilt reports from many perspectives (costs, when, where and how) and you can even build your own.

EE Small business (sub 100 employees)

Built off the back of the consumer billing platform you can use the EE small Biz platform to see bills and usage in your company.